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A double deck trailer offers a lot of cargo space

Do you want to ship your load from A to B in a safe and efficient way? If your cargo is suitable for stacking and is able to compress slightly in volume, a double deck trailer could be the perfect transportation option. These trailers have double the capacity of a normal trailer and their double deck can save you a substantial amount of time and money. Do you want to start saving money, without worrying about the safety of your products? Then you should definitely contact Blankers Transport. This transportation company is located in The Netherlands, but transports goods across the whole of Europe.

How does a double deck trailer work?

A double deck trailer works a bit different from a regular trailer. A hydraulic lift mechanism makes it possible to load both the upper and lower deck with ease. At first, goods are loaded onto the upper deck. When this is done, the deck will be lifted by the hydraulic mechanism. This creates the necessary space for the forklift to load cargo onto the second deck below. When both decks are loaded, they are gently lowered into their final positions. When possible, goods are compressed to maximize loading space. This is especially handy with voluminous goods such as matrasses.

Work efficient and reduce costs

By now, it should be clear that a double deck trailer offers you many benefits. It makes it possible to transport more products in one truck, making the transportation process more efficient and lowering transportation costs. Do you want to make use of a double deck trailer? Just get in touch with Blankers Transport. This company has a large fleet of trucks, including double deck trailers. Their entire fleet is equipped with a BV3 alarm to ensure the safety of your products during transport. Would you like to get more information? Contact them by phone. Their multilingual specialists will definitely find a solution to your transportation issue.


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